We love charity work

We believe that every charity no matter how small deserves that extra hand

Here at Baby Fat, we have a passion for charity work and helping out where we can. Our aim though is slightly different. We all know the big charities and fully support what they do, however, our initial aim is the small charities. The ones without the marketing budgets, the ones without external funding and a lot of the time, the ones you don't even know exist.

We want to help these charities get known, spread the word about their cause and more importantly, get the funding that they need to take the actions to support their cause.

We have some massive plans in the pipeline to give all these charities that extra helping hand to promote their cause and hopefully get that extra funding they so desperately need.

And... the most important thing about it... we will NOT charge them for it, no matter how big or small they are. These charities need their funding to support their causes, not to buy our products, so... therefore, they can have them for FREE.

Now you must be thinking we must want something in return or there must be a catch.

So what do we get out of it?

The satisfaction of knowing we can help and the ability to expand our business Name through the good cause we can help.

Over the coming months, we will be participating in fundraising events and working on new products that we can offer.

Please check back here often to see what it is we are doing and how you can even get involved (even if it is just to spread the word).