The story

Super Goat was an internal project designed for 2 reasons. The first reason was the obvious "Flappy Bird" bandwagon, and the second was so we could get a good feel for iOS SpriteKit.

We took this as an opportunity to see how fast we could build a simple game using SpriteKit while also jumping on the "Flappy" scene. Unfortunately Apple threw a spanner in the works with the advert integration. We learned a few important points about using third party ad providers on this one.

On the whole this wasn't a market leader but a really good example of what can be done in just a couple of days using native development.

Key features

Built on iOS Sprite Kit

Demonstrates what can be done very easily using native platforms

Amusing and addictive

The comedy goat adds a nice light edge to the game

Game Centre

Compare your score against your friends

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